Why Have A Blog: Easy Analytics

Once you’ve accepted the importance of analytics, the question becomes how best to begin gathering data.

Fundamentally this comes down to installing tracking code on every page of your site. Yes, every single page.

The Trouble With Static Sites

This quickly reveals a major flaw with static websites. On a typical static site, every page is maintained manually, so any structural changes to a page have to be done individually.


This means if you haven’t installed tracking code yet, or you want to change what you’ve got, you’ll probably need to go into every page, one by one, change the code, and hope you don’t miss anything.

For all but the simplest of sites, this is a real pain.

With A Blog, Analytics Are Easy

With a blog, you copy and paste the analytics tracking code in one location, and it is immediately placed in every page of your site, and in all future pages, automatically.

This allows you to move quickly beyond the technical aspects of setting up your site, and focus on creating content and using the data you collect to improve your business.

Action Item:

Take a few minutes to check out Google Analytics, and read a little about the information it will provide you… for free.

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